Trader Joe’s haul 10/16-10/20

Trader Joe’s haul 10/16-10/20

A new week means a new meal plan. We made the trek again this week to our favorite grocery store for a few staples and some missing ingredients.

I swear every time we are in Trader Joe’s we discover something new to us. I especially love how it brings my kids out of their “food rut” and they explore new flavors.  Continue reading “Trader Joe’s haul 10/16-10/20”

Trader Joe’s haul 10/9-10/13

As a family we try to eat a balanced diet.  In order for us to stick with a healthy(ish) lifestyle we meal plan weekly.  It’s always fun to get the girls involved in coming up with a menu and it pretty much guarantees that they’ll eat their food and avoid those “picky” eater moments.  A bonus to the meal planning is that it also saves money, we go to the store with a mission and a list and usually are pretty good to sticking with it.   Continue reading “Trader Joe’s haul 10/9-10/13”

Top 10 baby items you don’t always think of

Now that my third baby is almost 7 months (where has the time gone) I’ve decided to put together a list of my must have baby items.  The first few months can be tough.  You’re getting adjusted and more then likely are lacking majorly on sleep.  I’ve compiled a list of products that really are worth it. Continue reading “Top 10 baby items you don’t always think of”